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ADHD in the UK
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The NHS has waiting times up to 10 years for ADHD Assessments. With us there are no waiting times!

The NHS has waiting times up to 10 years for ADHD Assessments. With us there are no waiting times!

It all begins with you!

As a recognised expert in ADHD diagnosis and management, we understand your drive for excellence, whether it’s for yourself, your family member, or your loved ones. Choosing the correct care is an important decision, and here is what we offer in response.

Adult ADHD Assessment
& Treatment

Your premier destination for tailored, comprehensive ADHD treatment designed exclusively for adults. We understand how much courage it takes to seek an assessment for ADHD in adulthood and we are here to support you throughout your whole journey. 

Children ADHD Assessment
&  Treatment

We understand the unique hurdles children with ADHD, and their parents face. Together, we aim to help children with ADHD thrive and reach their full potential.

Benefits of Treating ADHD

Receiving a diagnosis offers the relief of an explanation, affirming your individual journey and granting validation. It empowers you with a deeper understanding of yourself.

Diagnosing ADHD acts as a compass, leading you to uncover your optimal self, unlocking hidden potentials and strengths along the way.

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Starting an online ADHD assessment is the first step to understanding yourself. The Assessment is conducted entirely online and is designed to be stress free and relaxed. 

Quality Service, Competitive Price

Interest-free installment payment options and plans are available

We recognise the costs of Private ADHD Assessments can appear overwhelming. At ADHD Certify we work hard to make the price you pay competitive and affordable without compromising on quality.

All our costs are transparent and without hidden fees. We will not attempt to sell you ‘add on’ services once you start your journey with us. Our Main focus is to ensure you receive high quality ADHD Assessments and treatment underpinned with excellent service

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